Having recently expanded our production inventory to include a full 120k conventional lighting system along with moving lights and various special lighting effects, our creative team and technicians’ eye for details has allowed BSA, Inc. to quickly become known for its ability to put together great lighting packages, whether it is just eight lights or a full-scale lighting rig. Our expertise has been recently featured at such diverse events as the multiple Harrah’s Metropolis and Hoosier Park concerts, the ASCAP Awards or the annual Youth Evangelism Conference. With today’s technology, it is also very cost effective to change the appearance of your meeting as it occurs or to adjust the lighting for an extended event each day. And by working in conjunction with our scenic department, we can easily incorporate our extensive trussing inventory to make custom looks and structures that are unique, yet still affordable.
Need lighting for a festival or concert? Brantley can provide a wide variety of lighting packages to meet your needs. No event is too big or too small. We can do everything from a 120K concert rig with movers all the way to a few lights for a songwriter’s night. Please contact us for all of your lighting services.
Brantley also provides lighting for corporate and private events, and can light any event from a large corporate event to a small wedding or even a press conference. If you need lighting for a private or corporate event please contact us. We can customize and tailor to meet any of your needs.
Conventional Lighting Par 64 Par 56 Par 38 ETC Source 4 Par ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal 120k Thomas Double-Hung Pre-Rig System Intelligent Lighting High End Studio Color 575 High End Studio Spot 575 CMY iSolution iMove 250 Dimming ETC Sensor Rack 48x2.4kW Dimmer Applied Electronics 48x2.4kW Dimmer Leviton D4DMX-MD3 Dimmer Pack Elation DP-DMX20L Control Avolites Pearl 2000 Cognito Pro512 Elation Stage Setter 24 Effects Reel EFX DF-50 Diffusion Hazer
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